Varicose veins stomach – how is the treatment?

Sometimes it's better to be safe, to check whether there are signs of this disease, since the tests still will have to pass. Many people believe methods of research of the gastrointestinal tract is unpleasant, once again will not seek. Knowing the main signs to find them, you can save time, nerves and money, to ask, to ask the doctor how to be in this situation.

Signs of varicose veins of the stomach

What are varicose veins? This term is familiar to almost everyone. This disease is associated with a strong psychological discomfort. Its manifestations spoil the appearance, change habits, preferences in clothing, style and limit freedom of expression, cause physical discomfort in the future.

Varicose veins of the stomach is the pathological changes of blood vessels, an increase to the appearance of knots, loops, formation of blood clots in internal organs. Worsens blood flow, respectively, the deteriorating condition of the tissues. The digestive process is also affected by this.

In the initial stages symptoms are almost there. Therefore, the diagnosis is in the late stages. The first symptom is heartburn or belching. But she didn't pay attention. When heartburn or belching often concerned about, you should listen to yourself, your health.

Perhaps it's time to consult a doctor. Functional disturbances, resulting from circumstances, situational, characterized by fast flowing, pathological — resistant. With the deformation of blood vessels and doctors are not always associated heartburn, belching, and looking for causes elsewhere. And yet, there is a possibility that a varicose vein of the stomach.

Later symptoms include bleeding. Notice it can change the color of stool – it is almost black, if it contains blood. Begin to disturb the urge to vomit. It is impossible to eliminate by change of food, eating foods that normalize digestion.

Vomiting becomes a permanent need. Vomiting weight contains a large amount of mucus pink. Sometimes there are blood clots. In the area of the abdomen visible pain. The cardiovascular system begins to work worse. The man says that he has something wrong with the pressure, heart rhythms.

Who is at risk

The disease, according to statistical information, more common in men. What accounts for such statistics, the researchers do not know exactly. Possible anatomical and physiological characteristics of sex. A woman should bear a child, and pregnancy for straight walking to a small extent may affect the abdominal organs. A woman's body is more resistant to deformation of different tissues in this region. Natural mechanisms of self-regulation to protect from stretching and blood vessels of the stomach. Probably, the reason.

Varicose veins referred to genetically caused diseases. Among the causes of disease — the systematic use of alcohol in large quantities, unbalanced diet, frequent eating of foods high in cholesterol and use of medication in large quantity, heavy lifting, chronic diseases of the digestive system.

After 50 years, the risk of disease increases. We see a relationship between her appearance and General health. In particular, people with chronic diseases of the liver, pancreas, heart or stomach are at risk. High probability of occurrence of this problem. Portal hypertension is a crucial factor.

Diagnosis of the disease

What tests are needed to diagnose? Suspicions were only inspire anxiety, worry, become an additional burden for the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Is it possible to get rid of them? Modern equipment will help to get comprehensive information.

Giving up is usually these tests:

  • esophagogastroscopy;
  • contrast radiography;
  • Ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity;
  • General analysis of blood;
  • the blood test is aimed at detection of coagulopathy;
  • functional tests of the liver.

Pathological deformation of the veins of the stomach is often associated with changes in the veins of the esophagus. But varicose veins are veins in other organs appears not just. If it is discovered in the human stomach, this does not mean that we should expect his appearance in the esophagus. The lesion is a weak spot, a chink in the armor of health. Therefore, the distribution of deformations throughout the body are extremely rare.

The disease poses no threat to life. However, shorten its duration, affects its quality. Severe bleeding, the probability is high, if the problem is not treated, stops by itself. Doctors only help to avoid complications and prescribe those drugs that are suitable the patient as much as possible, taking into account the clinical picture, individual characteristics. Varicose veins of the stomach and disorders, has made possible its development in the late stages cause discomfort, hinder a person to live a full life.

Modern methods of treatment

The efficiency of modern methods of treatment has been proven, tested, although much work still lies ahead. Even if we are talking about genetic predisposition, condition, control condition. Surgery – radical method. It is relevant only when the classical treatment gives no results.

Gastric varicose veins1

Endoscopic ligation – invasive method that gives good results. In some cases, urgent bypass surgery of the veins of the stomach. Sclerotherapy helps to eliminate deformation. Stage of development, individual characteristics, clinical picture, determines the best treatment option. The risk of relapse always remains. To treat this pathology has for a long time, you need patience and perseverance, and optimism. Only in this case, you can expect to recover.

Diet is part of therapy

Diet is always prescribed. To respect her need. The condition of the heart, blood vessels, blood and ductless glands involved in the digestive process will be improved if the products will receive the nutrients needed for their normal functioning.

It is necessary to reduce the portions of food consumed the stomach wall do not have to stretch much. This contributes to the deformation of the veins. It is better to eat often, but gradually. Preferably daily ration divided into 5-6 receptions and the meal to begin at the same time. The load in this case will decrease, it will become predictable, uniform.

Should be excluded from the diet of food rich in bad cholesterol, steamed, baked, boiled. Fried foods – its main source. To reduce its use to the minimum necessary. It is advisable to abandon it once and for all. Smoked, pickled, spicy, and acidic foods also should be excluded. Hot and cold food, drinks are bad for the digestion. Optimum temperature is 37 to 45 degrees. Dinner is 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Methods of alternative medicine

Treatment of folk remedies aimed at the gradual harmonisation of all functions in the body, strengthening the heart, circulatory, and digestive system. Have to normalize physical activity – more walking, Jogging, swimming. But the activity above the normal contraindicated.

What is normal activity? What criteria determines the optimal voltage level? The desire to move less frequently appears a person suffering from varicose veins of the stomach. You should control this negative trend is an effort, consciously, to rationalize, to distinguish a bad mood from apathy, despondency, exhaustion from the onset of symptoms. Poor health is unacceptable. And yet, after the first, second, third runs, for example, you can feel fatigued and not energized. You should take responsibility for improving muscle tone.

Gastric varicose veins2

Violations of pressure adversely affect the status of the heart muscle. Blood clots often appear in this disease, which is a sign of the deterioration of the cardiovascular system in General. Make a minimum of effort, but regularly, systematically, you can get a good result.

The less moves a person is, the less nutrients, oxygen enters the cells and tissues. Circulation, metabolic processes are slowed down. Toxins also cease to be displayed in the right quantity in a timely manner. A lot of energy the body will expend to combat these negative trends. The goal is to channel the energy into a constructive, creative, strengthening the body regeneration, recovery, reduce the likelihood of deterioration.

Gastric varicose veins3

It has long been known that cold cold water, contrast shower helps to improve the condition of the circulatory system. These procedures normalize blood pressure, promote the harmonious distribution of blood. This is a positive stress for the autonomic nervous system, which controls the contraction of blood vessels.

Used for treatment and medicinal plants. Need to drink their concoctions. Use chamomile flowers, leaves verbena, hop cones, sage. They act gently, do not contradict conventional therapy.